Broad audience

Les circuits de l’intelligence artificielle – Masterclass du CNRS à la Cité des Sciences par J. Grollier

L’incroyable aventure des nanoneurones artificiels – Talk by A. Mizrahi at the VivaTech conference (2019)

How artificial nano-neurons can fix computers’ energy addiction ? – TedX talk by J. Grollier in Saclay (2017)

Realizing a brain on a chip, J. Grollier, video in English, talk given at the World Economic Forum (Davos, January 2016)

Lectures and conferences talks

Quantum neuromorphic information processing – Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop by D. Marković (2023)

Multilayer spintronic neural networks with radio-frequency connections – SPICE-SPIN+X Seminar by A. Mizrahi (2022)

Neuromorphic Spintronics – Class by J. Grollier at the ESpinRed School on Spintronics (2021)

Dynamical Neuromorphic Systems – Keynote by J. Grollier at the ICONS conference (2021)

Nonlinear Dynamics for Neuromorphic Computing – Talk by J. Grollier at the Neural Coding in High Dimensional Nonlinear Systems workshop (2021)

Towards deep neural networks with nanoscale spintronic oscillators as neurons – Seminar by J. Grollier in the SPICE+X series (2020)

Class by J. Grollier at Physics@Veldhoven (2019)

Unconventional computing with stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions – Talk by A.Mizrahi at the Spintronics meets Neuromorphics SPICE conference (2018)

Nanodevices for bio-inspired computing – Seminar by J. Grollier at Ecole Polytechnique (2018)

Nanodevices for bio-inspired computing, J. Grollier et al, video in English, talk given at Tohoku University (Sendai, November 2015)

Memristors: artificial nano-synapses, J. Grollier et al, video in English, talk given at the Bio-Inspired Computing and Architectures Workshop (Lille, December 2012)

Multi-functional magnetic nanodevices: from spin torque oscillators to artificial synapses devices, J. Grollier et al, video in French, talk given at the JMC13 conference (Montpellier, August 2012)